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Monday, July 13, 2009

Quilt blocks and appologies

Well, maybe not apologies. I have sworn never to apologize for not blogging because it feels trite and frankly, a bit overdone in the blogging world. So not an apology. Or an excuse. Maybe just an explanation.

See, my loyal follower will tell you that I'm starting to slip up. Yes. Me. Getting behind. First there was no Flashback Friday last week.

And today you will not be seeing a new Name that Movie Monday.

Life has dictated that I take a summer vacation. Not from blogging altogether, just from set deadlines on my blog. Because due to my life feeling a tad bit like a soap opera lately my time and energies are currently being spent elsewhere.

I am happy to report that my immediate family is fine. We are happy and healthy. Unfortunately close friends and extended family have experienced things in the past few months that have made it necessary for me to focus my attentions outside my blog.

Suicide threats

And that's just the beginning of the list.

Add that to family reunions, weddings, quilt block classes, book group, birthdays, baptisms, and projects in the yard and in the house and well, you get the picture.

I figure summer is a great time to take a little vacation anyway since most of you are off having fun and enjoying the fine weather anyway.

That's not to say I'm disappearing completely. I finished 2 new quilt blocks last night that I have to show off. And it's been brought to my attention that I still haven't shown pictures of my new floor in my family room. So I'll be here, posting when I find a spare moment or two.

And I promise that I'll bring back the weekly features you have come to love and count on, I just need a few months to catch my breath.


Jen said...

take all the time that you need. GOod luck!

Liss said...

i think this blog post sums it all up for both of us lately:

HeidiPie said...

Yes, I do have to agree, life does get busy. And sometimes you have to cut out something!

Andria said...

Just keep us updated on what's going on. While I enjoy Flashback Friday and Name that Movie Monday, I love knowing what's going on with you.

orangemily said...

Man you've been busy. Breath!
I can't wait to see your quilt blocks.

Karen said...

I would like to say Amen! :) I am dying to see your quilt blocks.