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Friday, July 3, 2009

Flashback Friday

In my time zone I still have 2 hours left until Saturday, so technically it's still Friday so I'm right on time with my Flashback this week.

I thought I'd bring you a 4th of July memory this week. How original, I know. But it's a good one so I don't think you'll blame me for my lack of originality.

The summer before my Sr. year in high school I actually attended a semester of college. I was accepted into a program at the former Ricks College (now known as BYU-Idaho) that gave high school students a real college experience and college credit to boot. For summer semester I lived in the dorms, attended classes, went on field trips, wrote essays, and got to know a lot of really cool people.

Since we happened to be in school for the 4th of July the college sent all of us that were in the Summer Honors Institue program (as it was called) to the Rexburg Rodeo. But the really thrilling part was the fireworks. As the arena lights went out and the fireworks began so did a scratchy recording of Stars and Stripes forever. The song got over but the fireworks display wasn't yet and apparently that was the only song on the tape (yes, I do believe it was a tape) because it was silent for a few minutes, time I can only assume they were rewinding the tape, and then Stars and Stripes Forever started again. And once again the song ended before the fireworks display. So, you guessed it, there was a few blessed moments of silence (well, fireworks were exploding just a few feet away so not really silence....but you know what I mean) and then we were once again honored to hear that scratchy recording of Stars and Stripes forever.

I like a good Sousa march as much as the next guy but I for one was thankful when the fireworks were finally over only because it meant we didn't have to rewind the poor tape yet again.

I hope that for tomorrow's rodeo that the city of Rexburg has invested in CD player, and a CD with a larger variety of patriotic music.


Ryan said...

Not even any Neil Diamond? (YouTube). Speaking of Neil Diamond, he isn't aging so well. He must know it too, because if you head on over to his official website you can sign up to receive your free Neil poster. Neil silhouette poster, that is.

HeidiPie said...

At least they had music way back then huh.

orangemily said...

Sounds like a fun adventure!

Andria said...

In my head right now I'm listening to "Stars and Stripes Forever," but I think it's a digital copy, because it isn't very scratchy.

Karen said...

Love that memory. I will always think about that now when I see fireworks.