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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today I've been watching Jasmine Star over at creativeLIVE as she shares with the world her knowledge and experience as a wedding photographer. (And tomorrow she is going to shoot an actual wedding live.)

I say I was watching, but really I have 3 kids who need to be fed and cleaned and entertained and picked up from school and there's laundry to fold and bills to pay...but it was running in the background all day and I caught bits and pieces of it as I went about my mommly duties.

So you'd think I'd want to write a post tonight all about what I've learned or about what I think of Jasmine or a how I'm going to be a better photographer now.

But really I'm going to write about something totally random.

You see, at one point today they actually stopped chatting in the classroom and started shooting the bride and groom. Jasmine took the group outside and wandered quite a ways from the building were they had all the equipment set up for the live streaming.

As the group was all finally coming back they had a quick shot of one of the tech guys and somebody in the booth commented how he was dragging around and keeping tangle free 250 feet of camera cable.

And then I had a flashback of my college days.

I was a broadcast journalism major and had an assistant professor who got fed up with the camera cables being constantly tangled. He preached to us how in the professional world that would never be accepted. Because if you need the camera NOW you do not have time to unravel and tangled cable. And so that day he took us all out into the hall and showed us the proper way to coil a cable so that it would quickly uncoil at a moment's notice. And then we spent the rest of the class time coiling cables and then, while holding onto one end tossing the cable down the hall in order to uncoil it, the idea being that if we had coiled it correctly it would uncoil easily, no tangles.

Seriously. The entire hour he forced us to repeatedly coil and uncoil the cable. This is what I paid good tuition money for!

And yet as I watched the tech guys chase down Jasmine and crew today I'm sure the cameraman was EXTREMELY happy to have somebody on his team that could keep his cable tangle free.

I'm going to start putting on my resume that I know how to keep a camera cable untangled. Maybe then I could move to Seattle and work for creativeLIVE someday.


orangemily said...

Good thinking. Every talent helps!

Andria said...

Ooh, ooh, I want to move to Seattle too! Okay, not Seattle, Port Townsend, but they're only two hours apart! I could be your assistant camera cable untangler. I would totally do it.

HeidiPie said...

Oohh, the fun things we pay tuition for. I learned how to use spray adhesive and how you have to clean out the nozzle upside down every time you use it so it doesn't bubble on your paper next time you use it...and that 3M is the best brand. Fun times.

Andria said...

Okay, I did not learn any of these fun, yet useful, things in school. All I learned was how to analyze literature and write essays. I feel left out. Seriously.