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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm a sequential kind of gal. I like things to go in order. One then two then three. It bothered me that they made the Di Vinci Code movie before Angels and Demons because as books they came the other way around. I refuse to start watching a television show mid-season. Dessert always comes AFTER dinner.

This need for order is a detriment to me when it comes to blogging. When I stop blogging for awhile but want to start again I have a NEED to catch up in order. For some reason I can't just jump right back into blogging where my life is at RIGHT NOW. I have to "fill in" all the missing parts from when I wasn't blogging. But then the task of "catching up" seems so daunting that time consuming that I put it off and put it off. So then I just may as well give up blogging all together. (This is the same reason I don't scrap book!)

But I saw something today that was too funny. So I'm just putting it out there. Out of order! And I'm surprisingly at peace with that.

I drove past a day care today and their sign out front was missing a VERY important letter!

It said "Great Rats! Come take a tour today!"

Great Rats? At a day care? And you want to advertise that?

(I believe it was meant to say great rates.....)

I was laughing hysterically. I so wanted to take a picture. But I was driving. And had to pee (which wasn't helped by the fact that I was laughing) and I had perishables in the back seat. So I resisted to urge to drive around the block so I could take a picture.

But it made my day just the same.

And look!!!! A breakthrough! I blogged non-sequentially! This opens a whole new door of opportunity for me!


Liss said...

oh i so relate--to the sequential, the picture taking....the whole shebang. :)

orangemily said...

Very funny!

Emilee said...

i am the same way, especially when i blog! it drives me nuts to blog about things now when i have things in the past i need to get the idea. anyway! if you ever need a car by the way, i dont go many places, call me and see if mine is in the garage, it probably is. and when is that photowalking utah again? i gotta get it on my calendar!

HeidiPie said...

Kudos on being non-sequential!! A post is a post and that is saying something that my blog can't. haha. =)

HeidiPie said...

And maybe the rats are so big that the kids get to ride them. Who wouldn't advertise that? hehe

Andria said...

Okay, two blog posts written and I didn't know about this?! I am so out of the blog loop right now.

I think there are times when we should be sequential and times when we should be non. I'm working on being more sequential myself. (And therefore not being online so much and getting distracted from what I really should be doing. But it's only the first week of school; I'm sure it will change.)

The word of the day is: undishat. Seriously. It sounds like somekind of european underwear cleaner.