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Monday, September 13, 2010

Brightly Colored

At church yesterday my boys were wearing bright polo shirts and my daughter a bright pink polo dress. My friend saw them in the hall and commented that what they were wearing would make great picture outfits. Which was so funny that she would say that because that's exactly what they were! We had our family picture taken a few months ago by the very talented and all around super nice guy Rich Legg

See, here we are in our brightly colored polo shirts.

that's us!

My mom saw the pictures and said we looked like colored Easter Eggs.

Zoey was hamming it up for the camera!

miss "take my picture"

Adam was his typical goofy self

His goofy face

And Harrison was looking WAAAAY too grown up!

looking TOO grown up!

you want me to what?

Thanks again Rich!!!!


orangemily said...

I love the colors and the pictures!

HeidiPie said...

I still love these pictures, and the colors!! I may have to steal that idea.

Nisha said...

So CUTE!!!!

Emilee said...

i LOVe them! the kids are so cute and H does look all grown up! when did that happen!?

Allison said...

Great pictures. What a good looking family you have.

Andria said...

Oh, wow. These are so amazing!