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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


At church this week a gentlemen was extolling the virtues of motherhood and he said that he felt that there was a special place in heaven for mothers who go to the grocery store with more than 2 kids.

Seriously, if that's all it takes to get into heaven I'm about to be sainted any day now.

Trust me when I say that none of us mothers actually enjoy taking multiple children to the store with us. Really we don't. In fact, I put it off as long as humanly possible because it's stressful and tiring. I feel my blood pressure rising right now just thinking about it. Which is why I imagine a world were everyplace I need to go has a drive through.

The bank has a drive through. McDonald's has a drive through. But the post office does not. Neither does the grocery store. Or the library. And frankly, I see this as an enormous oversight.

In my fantasy world I could have milk, eggs, stamps, and library books all delivered directly to my car. No more of the endless bucking/unbuckling/re-buckling of kids' car seats. No more chasing children through the store as I painstakingly make my way ALL THE WAY to the BACK of the store, which is where the milk is ALWAYS located at EVERY store.

No more futile attempts to keep my children quiet and respectful as we wait in line just to buy stamps.

And no more over-due fines at the library on the half a dozen DVD's the kids talked me into checking out when I dash into the library for one single book I have on hold.

Please tell me this day is somewhere in my near future.

Picture 373

(Trust me, they are not quite as innocent as they appear.)


Liss said...

or when you go to the back of the store for something, come back up to the front and then it's a potty emergency for a kid and of course, you are in a store where the bathrooms are at the back. ;)

Nicole said...

@Liss yes!!! No matter how many times You tell them to go BEFORE you leave the house somebody ALWAYS has to go. And public restrooms and 3 kids DO NOT MIX.

Emilee said...

yea, i totally agree. maybe if they could just have a drive through for on hold books, that would help. and drive through groceries! yea baby! i SO struggle with that. barely made it thru walmart today!

orangemily said...

I think we should make a shopping pact where I watch your kids and you watch mine so we can each visit the store in peace!

HeidiPie said...

Totally agree!! With it all!!

Megs said...

I hate going to the store with all my kids. And you are right, no matter where you go, there is always a kid that will need to go to the bathroom. Zach will always need to go even if he went before we left. He has this thing that he has to go to every public bathroom that he can. One nice thing about the local store here in town is that they have a selection of milk, eggs, and such at the very front of the store. Makes it very nice if you are just running in for milk!

Andria said...

I avoid going to the store with my children at all costs!

And yet, last weekend TSH was at drill and the oldest needed new shoes, so I bundled up the three turkeys and we went to Evil-Mart.

Hours and hours (it seemed) we left and I never wanted to leave the house again.

Just so you know, if you tell your children to just go sit down at McDonald's so they're not bugging you while you're at the checkstand, they will take that to mean, "Wander all over the front of the store, look at the candy that's on the front display, and climb on top of the thing you put quarters for charity in."

Just so you know.