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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Wild Child

I blog, I don't blog. I blog, I don't blog. It's random and sporadic, I know. But, ya know.

But I have new pictures to share-so I decided hey, why not.

This is my beautiful niece.

Wild Child-80

On my sister-in-law's blog she calls this child of hers the Wild Child. So-I figured it was okay if I referred to her thus.

At the beginning of March she got baptized, which means I had to unique pleasure of photographing her special day just as I did her older sister and her older brother.

Any special day must start with a special dress

Wild Child-1

Wild Child-3

And shoes. Don't forget the shoes!

Wild Child-6

Wild Child-8

The really fun thing about photographing kids getting baptized is that they are at that fun age when most of them are losing teeth. And I LOVE capturing them JUST like they are.

The Wild Child had a front tooth that was just barely hanging on a thread.

Wild Child-20

If I was working for a family magazine I'd photoshop that tooth-but I actually love the way it is dangling there. Just keeping it real!

And by real, I mean real gorgeous! Anybody else jealous of her hair?

Wild Child-38

Wild Child-46

Now you need to know something about the Wild Child. Despite her beautiful princess-like appearance in these pictures she is a little bit, what's the word....not exactly tom-boy but not exactly girly-girl either. Is there a word for that?

So I told her to lean up against this gate and this is what I got.

Wild Child-48

I love the way she flops herself against, much the same way she would flop herself down on a bed. It's just SO HER!

And don't be fooled by her sweet look here. Do you remember the character, Sarah Baker, from Cheaper by the Dozen? You know, the one who was suspended from Lacrosse for using excessive force? The one who comes up with the elaborate prank against the unwanted boyfriend to which her dad responds, "You have a dark gift, Sarah Baker." I'm pretty sure this movie character was based on the Wild Child

Wild Child-55

And yet, when you see these pictures it's so hard to believe.

Wild Child-70

In all honesty though, she is a truly delightful child and it was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with her!

Wild Child-74


Andria said...

Gorgeous pics and a beatiful little girl. Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

She sounds like such a character. What a wonderful subject! Your photos are superb.

orangemily said...

She is so beautiful! You got some wonderful shots!!

Karen said...

Why am I commenting now when I should be packing? Not sure. Just need to say thank you again for the gorgeous photos of my Wild Child.