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Friday, August 5, 2011

Not yet

I am home from my trip to Skip's Summer School in Las Vegas. Everybody keeps asking how it was, and I want to tell you. REALLY I do!

But you see, I'm still kind of processing it all and although parts of it were great, other parts left me a little bit broken. So I don't think I can write about it.....yet.

But I will.

In the meantime I will share this.

Sunday morning before Summer School started I was having brunch at the Paris buffet. From among all the things I could choose from to eat I decided to grab a fortune cookie. I honestly didn't even want to eat it. Part of me just needed a good fortune. I was feeling a bit nervous about what lie ahead of me and I think I was looking for a little comfort or encouragement.

I don't think it was by accident that I chose the cookie that contained this fortune.

Keep true to the dreams of your Youth.

A simple enough message. Little did I know how much I would need this message in the upcoming days.

Monday at lunchtime I was feeling particularly exposed and vulnerable. I slipped over to grab some lunch at the food court across the street. I was standing in line for Chipotle but the line was long and taking forever and adjacent was a Panda Express that had no line at all. So, I jumped lines and grabbed some Orange Chicken. Which meant I also got another unexpected fortune cookie.

Stay Close to your inner-self.
 You will benefit in many ways.

Once again, the perfect message to encourage me when I was struggling.

I'm still trying to piece together all my thoughts and feelings about my experiences over the last week. I feel like I am on the pinnacle of an important decision and I don't want to rush into it. But whatever I choose I will be forever grateful for these two little gems of wisdom sent to inspire me at a time that I needed it most.

You may call it coincidence, but I call it a remarkable blessing!!!


Andria said...

Ah, those Universe cookies did it again. Love both of your fortunes.

orangemily said...

Very fortunate!

HeidiPie said...

I love your fortunes too! Good luck with your decision.