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Monday, October 3, 2011

Form Vs. Function Follow-up

Thanks to everybody who weighed in on my Form Vs. Function dilemma.

In the end we ended up with a completely different fan that wasn't even originally in the running.

Zoomed: Hunter 52" Alden Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

This fan is brushed nickel, has 52" blades, and holds 6 40 watt bulbs (for a total output of 240 watts). The biggest downside of this fan is the downrod mount but that is made up for in the fact that this fan was only $39. Yes. $39. (It appears to be an old model that they are clearing out.)

Yes, when I realized I could get 8 of this fan delivered to my door for $344 the decision was easy.

In this instance turns out price was king.


Liss said...

and that would be my practicality winning out too--price always wins, esp. when i get more than halfway to what i wanted anyway.
and these fans will match your cabinets!

orangemily said...

Sweet deal!

Garmon said...

I like it!

HeidiPie said...

I like it too.

Holly said...

Looks fabulous! Go bargain shopper you!