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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today is the one year anniversary of when I started blogging. Yup, one year ago today I wrote my very first public blog post.

It's certainly had it's ups and downs. When I first began I was totally addicted. I think it was the pent up writer in me trying to get out. Then I kind of lost interest for a little while because I thought nobody was out there and what's the point of writing if nobody reads it. Then I started finding more bloggy friends and it became fun again. Then life got crazy and despite an honest desire to write I just didn't have the time. That's actually where I'm at right now. I have more to write about then hours in the day to write. But come April after the primary activity is over, my son's birthday party is over and my sister's wedding is over I'm actually hoping that life will mellow a bit and I'll get to write more.

I had somebody ask me the other day what some of my hobbies where. When I told them I blogged they looked at me funny and said, "No, like real hobbies." Blogging is a REAL hobby, thank you very much!

So, a very happy blog-iversary to me a very Happy Fat Mattress Day to you!


Pegsy said...

Yay! Happy Blog-iversary! You should eat cake. Then blog about it.

Allysha said...

Amen, it's a real hobby! {who are those people, anyway? no life on the internets? :) }

Happy Blogiversary. May you continute to write when like, to not write when you couldn't care less, and have abundant positive feedback always!

orangemily said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Ha ha, life mellow out good thinking!

Andria said...

Ooh, who was the polinu (that's your word for the day!) who said that blogging isn't a real "hobby"? Tell me who it is so I can write a scathing post on my blog abou him/her. There's a whole magazine called Artful Blogging that is dedicated to blogging.

I guess some people think that if you aren't scrapbooking or knitting that you aren't hobbying.

Annj said...

Congratulations on blogging for a year, I look forward to reading what you have to write about in the coming year.

Dana said...

Happy bloggiversary!

Writing/Blogging is a huge skill...and definetely qualifies as a hobby.

Karen said...

Blogging is a fabulous hobby! Happy bloggiversary.

Emilee said...

hehe, it is a total hobby and a good one for keeping a little life story about you or journal or whatever you want to call it...anyway! dont worry, i am sure i will always keep you busy with primary...oh, wait, you dont need me to keep you busy, you do a great job all on your own, i dont even need to supervise...maybe i will never find those keys and you will get to take over! ;)

ty said...

Congrats blogger niki. Yeah it is fun when people comment. The parents always read, but never comment, so I am still working on that one for now.

Krista said...

Yeah, you caught the blog bug, gave it to Karen, who gave it to me, who gave it to some friends. Now we all have bloggorrhea!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Blogging is definitely a real hobby ... congrats on such a great milestone!