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Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

Spring cleaning is in full force at my house. (even though there is now on the ground) I came across this photo while cleaning and knew I had to use it today.

Flashback Friday

This was just before I left on my mission and I had a few friends over for a little going away party. Mike had only been home from his mission for about a month. (He had also just spent the last week at Lake Powell, hence the awesome tan.) Back before I knew I was going to end up marrying him someday.

He claims I spent the day freaking him out. See as a missionary for 2 years girls were totally off limits so then on this day he claims I hugged him and "flirted" with him and wouldn't let him leave every time he tried to escape the madness. I honestly don't remember all that. I remember being totally obsessed by the fact that my ex-boyfriend showed up with some chic who was sitting on his lap and how tacky I thought he was being. (I think I have a picture of the ex with his new fling somewhere....maybe I'll have to pull that out someday. Or then again, maybe not.)


Annj said...

Wow he is tan and that would explain the look on his face.

KASH said...

I absolutely love all of your pictures from the film age. And this picture is no exception. It pretty much rocks :)

Andria said...

Great flashback. But...I kind of admit that I'd like to see more of me in your flashback Fridays. Preferrably a much skinnier me. After all, isn't your blog all about me?!

Ha! Love ya!

orangemily said...

Mike does look tan!
I like how your memories don't quite line up.

HeidiPie said...

Look at that blonder hair there Mike. Wow!

Karen said...

The thing I can not get over in this picture is how Swedish Mike looks. Like, "My name is Hans."