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Monday, March 16, 2009

Name that Movie Monday

Hello, is anyone there? Or did I lose you all by being late today? Hello? Hello?

Sorry again about the late post today. I signed up for a quilt block of the month class and today was my first class. And boy am I a fish out of water!

But never fear, today's quote was worth the wait. You see, last week I went bra shopping with my sister. I have never in my life bought a bra at Victoria's Secret. I think I've always been a bit intimidated by all the pink. But I'm 30 now and have nursed 3 children and, well, for lack of a more tactful way to put it, I wanted a nice bra that would disguise the fact that I have mommy boobs.

So today's movie quote is in honor of my new bras. Yes, I walked out of there with not 1, not 2, but 3 new bras. And guess what, I love them!

I know I am going to miss the heels because they do something for my posture. And I'm suddenly very aware and proud of my breasts.

And, for patiently waiting for me today I wish I could give you TWO free movie quotes. But alas, Redbox only sends me one each day. So, here it is:2GR4N8

BTW, I received the text with today's code in the middle of my class and felt like such a rebel having a cell phone in class.


Karen said...

Love this movie! I think I quoted it last week. Different character's words though. So, please describe your perfect date.

Andria said...

Is it Miss Congeniality?

And I did come back. Yay!

Jen said...

I have no idea what movie you are talking about but I do know the mommy boobs of which you speak.

orangemily said...

Miss Congeniality!

Nicole said...

It is truly Miss Congeniality.

KASH said...

Good movie :)