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Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Friend Quiz

Everybody had been emailing me quizzes lately. You know, what piece of furniture are you, how old is your spirit, what Disney Princess are you, etc, etc, etc.

So I decided to write my own!!!!

Take the following quiz to see if you can be my BFF.

You know you want to. (Be my BFF I mean, because who wouldn't?)

New Best Friend Quiz

1-What is your most typical response when asked “what’s for dinner?”

a.Filet minion with potatoes au gratin, steamed veges and a pear salad topped with feta cheese.
b. Take out-your dad is bringing it home with him
c. Cold cereal
d. dinner?

2-Which of the following music artists are on your ipod? Check all that apply

a. Miley Cyrus
c. John Denver
d. Indigo Girls
e. Garth Brooks
f. Barry Manillow
g. New Kids on the Block
h. What’s an ipod?

3-Facebook or Twitter?

a. Facebook
b. Twitter
c. Both
d. Neither
e. am I supposed to know what those are?

4- You find yourself with an entire day ALL TO YOURSELF. What do you do?

a. sleep
b. clean the house
c. read a book
d. waste exorbitant amounts of time on the computer
e. call your BFF for a day of shopping and pedicures and eating

5-Do you text?

a. yes
b. no

6-You are in the car with somebody you don’t know too well and she starts singing along loudly to the radio. Do you:

a. turn it up even louder and sing along
b. stare at her, mouth agape, appalled at her shameless display
c. duck low in your seat so that passing card don’t know you’re in the car as well

7-Which TV Character to you most relate with?

a. Lucy Ricardo
b. Carol Brady (no personality)
c. Claire Huxtable
d. Carrie Heffernan (funny, but a moron)
e. who are these people? Who has time for TV?

8-If you and your BFF were at the movie together and somebody was talking loudly would you:

a. Shush very loudly
b. Move to another section of the theater
c. Inform the manager
d. make some sort of joke about people talking loudly during the movie

9-List 3 items you always carry in your purse:

10-You say you will be ready in a minute. This means:

a. You’ll be ready in 60 seconds, duh!
b. You’ll be ready in an hour
c. You’ll be ready in 5 minutes
d. define “ready”


Give yourself 1 point for every question you answered. Then multiply it by 10. Then subtract half. Then stand on your head and sing I’m a Little Teapot.

If your score is 1-100 then we are going to be best friends, easy!


orangemily said...

I passed, woohoo!

MR CFI said...

I passed too! Imagine that! ;)

Krista said...

I win! Great quiz. Finally one that has an accurate outcome!

HeidiPie said...

Good thing I never got around to writing it down or adding it up. I'm glad I fall within the range. Great questions though, a few had me thinking...

Andria said...

Howdy, BFF!

What if you're at the movie and your BFF doesn't laugh at all the parts that you think are funny because she's weird and doesn't laugh at movies, even when she finds them hilarious? Is she still your BFF?

Karen said...

Yahoooo! I aced this one! Loved this post. So good to see you all last night.