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Monday, January 11, 2010

One Word 2010

There is a pervasive theme running around the interwebs right now that says that instead of creating New Year's resolutions to create a theme for your year. One word to focus on, to give you direction, to give you purpose as you approach 2010. I was intrigued when I first ran across the idea last year but never got around to picking my word for 2009.

So here we are already barreling through 2010 and I have yet to pick a word.

This weekend I got smacked with a head cold and woke up this morning not wanting to do much of anything. So as I lounge on the couch with my laptop, watching my kids play with their new Christmas toys, I decided to stop putting it off. Today is the day! I am happy to declare that I have finally picked my one little word for 2010.

I know I've shared this before, but I'm so inspired by it.

And so, my word for 2010 is CREATE.

But it's not just about creating physical things, although I do want my year to include that. I plan to write more. (Yea for my new writing group!) I want to do more with my photography. (Thank you to Ryan for snagging me a spot at Photo camp Utah which sold out in a few short hours.)

But I also want to create memories. Create lasting relationships. Create opportunities for myself and others. In short-I want to create the life I really .
want to be living.

Here's to a great new year!!!!!!


Allison said...

Well you have inspired me, know I want to come up with a theme, or maybe I will just copy yours :} By the way your pictures of Emilee's babies were great.

Andria said...

My word for the year is Bliss, because I want to follow mine. And now you can come over and play art school with me since your word is Create. Love it!

Annj said...

How inspiring. I have decided my word for the year is LISTEN. Listen to my kids more, Listen to my husband more, to family and friends more, but more importantly to the Spirit. Good luck with your goal.

orangemily said...


HeidiPie said...

Cool, that's my word too, it means so many things, I love it!

Andria said...

Okay, I was taking a break in the shower (you know; the kind of shower you take so you can't hear your kids whining about EVERYTHING!), and I think I'm going to change my word to Hope. You were right; it is a theme and I think I need to go with it. But...I'll probably change it again tomorrow. Maybe this will be a year of 365 words for me!

Liss said...

and my word, which you probably know from reading my post, is jettison. i need to jettison the things that don't really matter, the negative feelings that drag me down and concentrate on what really does matter. :)

(and i'm so slow at getting around to commenting....)