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Monday, October 14, 2013


Is there a word for somebody who is a Halloween bah-humbug? Because if there isn't we should create one. Because I think I may be one and I need to know what to call myself.

I'm not exactly a scrooge. I don't HATE Halloween. I've spent many hours creating matching costumes for my kiddos.

Like the year they were characters from The Cat in the Hat.

Or the year I laboriously recreated characters from Monsters, Inc. 

Or last year when my oldest son was OBSESSED with the How to Train your Dragon book series and so I crafted Viking costumes for the older 2 and the youngest was transformed into a dragon.

I even dressed up last year, as Smarty Pants!

So I don't hate Halloween entirely. I just don't love everything about it. Like this.

I hate getting "Boo-ed". Yes. There. I said it. Every year somebody in the neighborhood starts the cycle of anonymously putting a treat on a doorstep. Once you receive such a drop off you're supposed to display the sign on your door so that you don't get "hit" again and then take treats out to 2 different neighbors within 2 days.

The kids LOVE it! They notice the signs going up around the neighborhood and start to speculate about when it will be our turn as well as who they want to "boo" in return.

But I dread it! This year I considered just putting a sign up on my door so that anybody temped to leave us a treat would instead pass us by but I knew my kids would be devastated.

And so, like every year before, we've been "boo-ed" and I am now tasked with getting to the store to get treats, (did I mention we only have 1 car so getting to the store is more work then it sounds) spending money I don't really want to spend and then taking my kids around to drop the "joy" on somebody else's doorstep. To me it's a huge hassle that I'd rather avoid.

The things we do because we love our kids and because we want to appear to be good neighbors.

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