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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sick, again

So I woke up yesterday morning with a slight sore throat. I attributed it to the fact that I hadn't filled the humidifier and probably was just a little dried out.

But today I woke up with a full-fledged cold going on. yuck! runny, stuffy nose, chest congestion, coughing, headache, fever. blah!

I usually don't get sick. I have been really healthy for many years now. But I had the flu with my kids in February and now I've got a cold again. I am deciding right now that this has got to stop! No more sick for me! I'm putting my foot down, because it's just no fun.


Principessa said...

Dad was sick yesterday too! He felt it coming on Sunday night and he got a full hit too! Fever, body aches, runny nose, the whole bit. I wonder if you both got the same cold...the question then becomes where did you get it from?

Andria said...

I know where you got it from...the snowstorm yesterday! I hate snow! I hope you get better soon.

orangemily said...

Man, it's no fun being sick. I'm glad you're putting your foot down!