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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Disappearing trick

I'm a magician! I know how to make 3 hours disappear in the blink of an eye. Want to know how? All you have to do is open up your laptop after all the kids have gone to bed. Seriously. It's like a time machine. You start reading email and writing a blog post or two and suddenly, just like that, it's going on 11:00. 3 hours of your life gone, with nothing to show for it!

You see, apparently my pick for Monday's Name that Movie Monday was a bit harder than I thought it was going to be. Especially since I have watched said movie with some of my readers quite recently. But I guess nobody has seen it as many time as I have.

So, since I think it is a hysterical movie (of course I love British humor) I thought I'd do better than just tell you the name of the movie. I thought I'd share the movie clip with you.

Which turned out to be harder than I thought it was going to be. I thought I'd find it somewhere quickly on Youtube. But, I didn't. So then I thought it wouldn't be too hard to just rip the minute and half of video off my DVD. But I apparently have all the wrong software and nothing I tried was working and I was getting really frustrated. At that point I should've just quit and gone to bed. But then I downloaded some free rip software (which I didn't pay for, hence the "evaluation copy" watermarked across my picture. sorry 'bout that.)

THEN even once I was FINALLY able to rip the stinking minute and half clip I attempted to upload it to Youtube. But even when it said it was uploaded I would try to embed it on my post here and it would say video was no longer available!

After uploading it to Youtube twice with no success I finally gave up and went to bed.

But I of course couldn't let it rest. And I started all over again today, ripping to a different format. And re-uploading to youtube.

And now, too many hours of my life later, here is your movie clip.

Still don't know the movie? It's Sliding Doors.

And my final year of college and think my roommates and I rented it from Hastings at least 20 times! It was the every other weekend movie. (good thing it was one of the 99 cent rentals!) So it brings back a flood of memories for me every time I watch it. Oh, did I mention that none of us were dating? Yea, that probably explains why we had so much time for watching movies. HA!

I had like 3 other posts I was going to write last night, but it took me so stinking long that this post will have to suffice for now, because I hear the baby waking up from his nap and I have Halloween costumes to sew. If you are going through withdrawals from my lack of blogging lately just go watch the movie clip over a few more times. It took me a long time to prepare it for you!

And next week I'll pick an easier movie so I don't have to provide a clip. :)


Jen said...

oh I know what you are saying, where in the world does the time go. there are just not enough hours in the day. just think of all we could get down if we didn't blog. I actaully try not to.

Anonymous said...

well, dang! guess i really am out of it! haven't seen that movie in years (i made justin watch it once) although i've wanted to buy it. but my movie buying rule (until the kids are much older) is that if it isn't a movie i'm okay with my kids just popping in at a tender young age, i don't buy it. and it IS a movie all about who is sleeping with whom..... (rule established because i read one too many books that were beyond me when my mom wasn't looking, just because they were on the shelf at home. not "bad" books, but definitely more than an 8 year old should read..... (i think it was: Victim: The Other Side of Murder by Gary Kinder that my mom had gotten for a book club book or something.... EEK!)

orangemily said...

Thanks for the movie clip! I think you're disappearing trick isn't patented, I know how to do it too, lol!

anndrea said...

What are you dressing your kids up as for Halloween. I need some ideas, Jake wants to go as a monster truck doctor ruining all my ideas for them to go as the three little pigs or the three blind mice or something. I am not very good at movie trivia games I just don't watch enough, now if you had clips from the Backyardigans or Handy Manny I might actually get it.

Karen said...

Yep.....I lose weeks at time, sometimes. I have never seen that movie. I'll need to see if I can find it.

HeidiPie said...

no idea on the movie, no time to watch the clip now...but I do know how the 3 hours after kids go to bed fly by, in's 11:30 and I'm still "Catching up."

ty said...

Just uninstall Time Warp by Microshaft. That is what I did.