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Sunday, October 26, 2008

When it rains it pours

My title is not symbolic or metaphorical, although if you really knew what kind of week it's been you could mistake it for such. But no, I'm talking about real water pouring down through the ceiling in my office. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The toilet in the hall bathroom upstairs has had a problem for about 3 weeks or so. Every 30 seconds it will randomly run for 5 seconds or so and then shut off again. It's annoying, and wastes water, but the toilet was still functional and there's been so many other things on our plate as of late that we've just ignored it.

When we got up yesterday morning Mike announced that finally fixing that annoying toilet was on his agenda for the day. But he was going to go out and try to get railing on the deck first.

At some point during the morning Adam uses the hall bathroom and apparently plugged the toilet. But didn't tell anybody. (In all honesty I'm sure he didn't know.) So, the toilet is now not only plugged, but it continues to run every 30 seconds. Which leads to disaster.

I head in to get a comb for Zoey's hair and the entire floor is flooded. Ug!

So we get the shop vac and go to work. Mike vacuumed 13 gallons of water out of the bathroom. 13 gallons of water!!! And it's not a very big bathroom!

Then we went downstairs to find water all over the office, too. Apparently the water had flowed into the duct work and was dripping from the vent and the light fixture in the office. All over paper work on my desk. On the keyboard. On the monitors. And there was enough water in the ceiling that some of the seams in the ceiling were starting to bubble, too. sigh.

So, instead of working on the deck (and it was a beautiful day outside and would've been perfect for working on the deck!) we spent the day cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom and office. (because it was toilet water that had gotten on everything, after all.) Lots of stuff just went straight in the trash, too. Plus I also had to mop the kitchen and front room as the shop vac sloshed water on those floors as we were taking it outside to dump it.

Oh the joys of home ownership.


Karen said...

Once again, I am so sorry! What a pain to clean all that up. On the flip side, what a memory. For years to come, you will hear, "Mom, tell about the time I flooded the toilet."

Jen said...

that really sucks. you are right, would have not been my choice in how to spend the weekend.

Ryan said...

Yeah that's awful...sounds like you need a Leakfrog for the office desk eh?

Ryan said...

Yeah that's awful...sounds like you need a Leakfrog for the office desk eh?

UTSquishy said...

I've been tempted by those leak frogs on so many occasions.

orangemily said...

That's terrible!