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Friday, May 16, 2008

After midnight

This was the conversation that took place last night after midnight over a bowl of ice cream. And you know what after midnight means that everything is suddenly funnier.

Ryan: "You know when I'm standing in the store trying to pick ice cream the english toffee never sounds appealing, but whenever I eat it I find it quite delightful"

Mike: "I really like english toffee"

Me: "Me, too. That's why I bought it."

Mike: "I really like Praline and cream, too. But I don't think it's a very popular flavor."

Me:---staring at him incredulously and then "are you serious? I love praline and cream ice cream, but I never buy it because I was always afraid nobody else liked it."

Ryan: "That's funny"

Me: "You know, I think we are having a magical marriage moment right now"

Ryan: "You should twitter that.

Me: "I think people would read 'having a magical marriage moment' and get he total wrong idea."

Ryan:---looking down intently at his bowl of ice cream feeling a little embarrassed, "especially if you said you were having a magical marriage moment with praline and cream ice cream"

trust me, it was funny after midnight


orangemily said...

I can just imagine!
I like both those flavors of ice cream!

Dana said...

Trust me, it is funny at 3:31 pm.

Thanks for the happy smiles!

Karen said...

Funny before midnight!

Ryan said...

Not funny that our private conversations aren't any more!

HeidiPie said...

too funny! Is that because it's after midnight though? 12:07 am