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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks Mom!!!!!

I know my mom prays daily for me and my little family. And I know that her prayers There have been specific times in my life that I a "close call" occurs and I KNOW (no doubt in my mind!!!) that the tragic incident was avoided because my mom prayed for me that morning!

The other day I had such an occurrence. I was driving along, singing to the radio, all 3 kids in the car with me. As I'm approaching a light the truck in the lane to my right starts slowing down, which I find odd because the light is green. So I glance ahead to see that the car in front of the truck is at a complete stop. Being the total idiot that I am I spend more time wondering why the car in the lane next to me is stopped at a green light instead of checking to see (a bit too late) that the car directly in front of me is also stopped at the red light. I slam on my breaks but my new shiny red Saturn Outlook is a much bigger and much heavier vehicle that I used to drive and it is not stopping as fast as it should be! I see that I am going to smash into the car unless I do something quick. Luckily (very VERY luckily) there was nobody in the left hand turn lane and I was able to swerve into it and stop just before the intersection. Only then, once I was at a complete stop, did I hear the sirens as the ambulance came speeding through the intersection. No wonder everybody was stopped at the green light.

No now I'm shaking and freaking out at how close I was to smashing my car with my kids in it.(who were all in the back seats sleeping through all this, by the way) And I knew that I was saved that pain and terror because my mom prayed for me that morning that we would be safe.

Thanks mom for keeping us in your prayers!!!!!!

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orangemily said...

Oh man that's scary! I'm glad you're OK!