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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The problem with ready-to-assemble furniture

Tonight I decided to singly handedly assemble Mike's nightstand for him. No biggie. I have assembled quite a few pieces of Ikea furniture on my own. This was not supposed to be a big deal. Just something to keep me busy while he was gone. The kids were asleep and it was the perfect project for me. Plus I was really excited about our bedroom really starting to come together.

But somewhere along the way something went wrong and I turned into this Ikea guy.


I guess as I was trying to talk on the phone and assemble furniture at the same time I managed to get the bottom put on backwards. And then it was downhill from there. Because then I hammered the back onto the front of the nightstand, thus putting little nail holes all over the front. Still, I didn't realize the problem until I completed the LAST step, putting on the door. And then something looked really wrong. On either side of the door was a strip of unfinished wood. Because this was the BACK and those unfinished strips were for the backing to slide into and then be nailed to.

This was a problem. Why hadn't I figured this out 6 steps ago? You know, like before I started pounding in nails like a mad woman?!?!?!

At this point I was looking for a good divorce attorney (one that would make sure the husband got stuck with the now battered nightstand) because I knew I was going to get the "lack of paying attention to detail" speech when the husband got home.

Fortunately, the husband actually laughed about the whole thing. (well, except for when he severely gouged his finger on a nail when trying to pry the backing off the front so it could be re-nailed to the back.)

I'm hoping a little wood putty and a black sharpie will repair the damage I've done. Good thing Lowes is just down the street.


Karen said...

Mike would know better than to give you any speech on that topic. I think he still beats himself up over the vanity in my parents bathroom where he believes he hung the doors upside down. :)

Ryan said...

Maybe if I had been doing a better job of kabitizing all along I could have saved you, but I was going on and on instead about how your room smelled good, the ceiling fan looks great with the red walls, and you can't see any of the fru fru comforter under all the fru fru pillows.

Andria said...

Um, Ryan, what is "kabitizing"? And I think I need to get some Ikea furniture just so I can have some of the hilarious instructions.

Nicole said...

@andria-we could always go together this summer. I went once with my friend her her FIVE kids, so your 3 will be no big deal!

orangemily said...

That's pretty funny!
kib·itz (kbts)
1. To look on and offer unwanted, usually meddlesome advice to others.
2. To chat; converse.

HeidiPie said...

So...from the way I hear was really all Ryan's fault. ;D

Michael said...

Yes, yes, it was all Ryan's fault. As part of his rent we have established him as the household scapegoat.

Because the furniture is supposed to look used, you really don't notice.