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Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is an entry straight out of my journal. 9-22-96. I was a Senior in high school. (and now you know how old I am) I typed it exactly how it appears in my journal. Bad formatting, bad spelling, bad grammar. Just keeping it real folks.

Man, I just got the strangest phone call!!!!! I picked up the phone and the girl on the other end said to me "Do you know a boy named Donald Gore." Yes I said. See, he was in my seminary class last year. He was a sophomore then, which means that he's a year younger than I am. he seems a lot more than just a year younger, though. I mean not that I look all that mature or anything, I still look like I'm 10! But he hasn't hit puberty yet, I guess he's a late bloomer. Anyway, she said "Well, I'm his sister, and he really likes you a lot, but he's just really shy." I didn't know what to say!!! What do you say??? Thanks? I mean it was just awkward, ya know. So she said, "are you still there?" "Yes, I just don't know quite what to say. I'm very flattered." "Do you want to talk to him?" I was thinking NO, but she put him on the phone anyway. So then he said Hi, and did the small talk thing for a minute, then asked, "Are you doing anything on the 28th?" Well, I am. That's the weekend that Peggy, my friend from Ricks, is coming to stay with me! So I told him that. I felt bad that he had gotten up the nerve to ask me then I couldn't go, where ever it was he wanted to go do, but to tell you the truth I'd rather be with Peggy. But it was just weird. Another kid I know was there, too. And Donald told me, "David's here. He's laughing at me." I said "He's just jealous because you're talking on the phone to a cute girl and he's not." Then I felt really stupid for saying that!!!!!! Oh well.

The little sophmores in my seminary class always fall in love with me because I guess they aren't used to girls being nice to them, I don't know. I guess they think a handshake in seminary and an occasional "hi" in the hall at school constitute love.

Wow, I so don't remember being that vain. This coming from the girl with glasses, braces, zits, and a training bra! Okay, now that I'm totally embarrassed that I shared this with you all I'm going to do my best to pretend that High School never really happened. Which, by the way, is one of the oh so many reasons I refuse to go on Facebook. I don't need people from high school tracking me down and reminding me that those years where not, in fact, all just a bad dream.


Emilee said...

hehe, that was great! now i know why you dont do facebook, i have always wondered why miss internet does not facebook...

KASH said...

Loved this!

orangemily said...

You were a hot commodity! = )
I enjoyed HS, facebook has been fun for me to reconnect with all sorts of people. One of my old YW's leaders just found me this week, great memories.

Kara Thacker said...

LOL!!! I completely get why not joining facebook...from some one that does have one. I had multiple requests from some of the few friends I keep in contact with, asking me to join. As a side note, I do like the ignore button on facebook. :)

Karen said...

That was hilarious. There are very good reasons why my journal is still packed in box in the basement.

Annj said...

I understand, it seems like since i have joined facebook the ones from high school that have contacted me are ones I was nice to but didn't really consider friends and now they keep bugging me wanting to do stuff and I think I didn't want to do anything with you in high school why the heck would I want to do anything with you now.