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Monday, February 9, 2009

A message to all my blogging buddies

When I first started blogging I would occasionally stumble upon a post where somebody would go on and on about how life was busy and they were sorry they hadn't blogging in a while and they would be back soon and on and on with the apologizing and rationalizing and frankly I was usually a tad annoyed by it. I guess because I never looked at my own blogging as something I HAD to do so I never felt the need to apologize to anybody if I didn't do it. I didn't feel accountable to the blogging world. And I never wanted blogging to feel like something with a deadline or else it would cease to be enjoyable. And since I didn't expect myself to blog daily I didn't expect others to blog daily, either. So I couldn't figure out why people where apologizing for not blogging.

So it's with great humility that I post a "sorry for not blogging" post of my own. Although it's actually more of a sorry for not stopping by your blog recently post. Because currently I have 210 unread posts in my google reader. That's right 210. And I know how I feel when I write what I consider a witty post and get no comments/feedback. So I didn't want all you, my blogging buddies to think that I had stopped enjoying your blogs. I actually still really enjoy them. And I am slowly working my way through all my unread posts. It just may take me awhile. And I may not be able to make comments on every post until I get all caught up again. And I feel really bad about that which is strange for me because when I started blogging I lurked on people's blogs all the time never leaving comments! But now I feel emotionally connected to so many of you and feel like I'm the long lost friend who hasn't called in awhile!

So-don't give up on me. I will return. I just need to get back into the swing of things.

I also have one more quick thing to mention since I'm all in the apologizing mode. When I first ventured into actually commenting on blogs I was SO impressed when I would get a personal email back from the blog author. And so I tried to do the same for those who would leave comments for me. So I went along for quite some time hitting the reply button on the email notifying me of a new comment. I'm now much chagrinned to admit that it's only been recently that I noticed that half the time the email address I'm replying to is So to all of you who thought I was unfriendly or stuck up because I never responded I want to say I'm sorry. I actually sent out bunches and bunches of emails!!!! Sigh.

And now I'm starting to annoy even myself with the pathetic groveling so I'm going to go back to reading the 210 posts in my reader before it becomes 211.

Talk to you soon! (I hope!)


orangemily said...

Good luck!

Andria said...

I never email people who've left me a comment (I didn't know you could!) and I sometimes don't leave a comment on a blog even when I've read it because I just had time to read it and that's all. I don't think you need to apologize. You're busy and we all understand. :D

Jen said...

you are right, blogging should be something that is fun and enjoyable. No one expects anyone to post everyday. There are just a few, lets say crazy bloggers like me, how just can't stop. I must post, I must. But because I love it and not b/c I have too.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I whole heartedly agree with this post ... blogging shouldn't be about apologies ... it should be fun!

Good luck with all your reading :) !!