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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mama needs a good idea for a post!

Megan had this over on her blog and since I'm a little lacking in the totally brilliant idea department lately I thought I'd do it as well.

Go to google, type in your name and then "needs" (i.e "Nicole Needs") and write down the first 10 hits.

Here's my list.

Nicole needs a boob job

(My husband's response: there are a shortage of perfect breasts in the world, would be a pity to damage yours)

Nicole needs no food when she can shop 'till she drops

(well, I do like to shop)

Nicole needs a drummer

(um, and a guitarist, and a vocalist....)

Nicole needs a new computer!

(true story baby!)

Tiny Nicole needs a big meal.

(I don't know about tiny, but I could go for a big meal!)

Nicole needs photoshop.

(and some lessons on how to use it!)

Nicole needs to live in the Now

(unless it means giving up Flashback Friday)

Nicole needs some good vibes

(that, too. so, if you've got some to spare send them my way)

Nicole needs a reality show

(um, no!!!!)

Nicole needs an urban love nest

(what exactly does that even mean?)

Nicole needs to lay off the botox

(Don't be fooled, I was just having moles removed)

Nicole needs a cheeseburger

(that does sound really good right about now)

Nicole needs help

(oh, so much help. A nanny, a maid, and a shrink, just to name a few)

Nicole needs a reality check


Okay, that was more than 10. So sue me. It's my blog, I can cheap if I want to!


Kara Thacker said...

Tell Mike, "my name is (I don't remember the name right now) you killed my father prepare to die!" That is a crack up though!!!

Ryan said...

I punched my name in to see if mine would be blogworthy, but at least 3 (or 30%) were about Meg Ryan.

UTSquishy said...

Sounds Like You Need To Come over and Play a Little Guitar Hero.

Pie Happens said...

Inigo Montoyo...knew that one...Love that movie. Sounds like your needs are VERY reasonable. ;)

orangemily said...

Sending all my good vibes your way!

Karen said...

Okay that was truly humorous.