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Monday, February 16, 2009

Name that Movie Monday

Being a holiday and all I thought I'd make today's movie easy to guess by giving you not just one quote but 4 quotes from the same movie! Well, actually it has nothing to do with being nice or feeling generous. It has everything to do with loving this movie and being indecisive about which quote to use. So, I'm using them all!

No, it's not schizophrenia it's just a voice in my head. I mean the voice isn't telling me to do anything. It's telling me what I've already done. Accurately. and with a better vocabulary.

Harold: 10 seconds ago you said you wouldn't help me.
Professor: It's been a very revealing 10 seconds, Harold.

Meeting an insurance agent the day your policy runs out is coincidence. Getting a letter from the emperor saying that he's visiting is plot. Having your apartment eaten by a wrecking ball is something else entirely.

Harold: Who in their right mind if they had a choice between living and pancakes chooses pancakes?
Professor: If you pause to think I believe you would realize that answer is inextricably contingent upon the type of life being led and of course the quality of the pancakes.

And for your President's Day viewing pleasure, here is your code for a free movie at Redbox (should you happen to be lucky enough to live in a Redbox market)


Remember, the code is valid today only until Midnight.

Happy guessing!


Dana said...

My favorite scene

Harold Crick: [after his wall has just been demolished by construction workers] Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey hey hey hey hey hey! What're you doing?

Construction Worker #3, Construction Worker #4: [repeating after each other] Stop the crane!

Construction Worker #1: Hey!

Harold Crick: Hey, what are you doing?

Construction Worker #1: Us? What are YOU doing?

Harold Crick: I was watching TV!

Construction Worker #1: Well, we're demolishing this place.

Harold Crick: Are you nuts? I live here!

Construction Worker #1: Is that a TV?

Harold Crick: Yes, that's a TV! It's MY TV!

Construction Worker #1: Well, what's your TV doing in there?

Harold Crick: I said I live here, stupid! It's where I keep my stuff! My name's on the buzzer! Harold Crick, Apartment 2B eighteen ninety-three, McCarthy!

Construction Worker #1: [pause] Did you say eighteen NINETY-three?

Harold Crick: Yes!

Construction Worker #1: [another pause] Oh. Woops.

UTSquishy said...

Awesome Movie

orangemily said...

I'm laughing so hard, I love that movie! Now I want to watch it!

Krista said...

This is your friend who can't remember movies - but I think I've seen this one. What's the title again? The demolition scene is what rings a bell.

Andria said...

Ahh, Stranger than Fiction! I know this one!

Karen said...

You know....I haven't seen this one. Sounds like one I might need to own.

KASH said...

I don't know this movie. With all the quotes I am intrigued. Has someone said the title in the comments and I didn't get it? What's is it?

KASH said...

Oh, "Stranger Than Fiction", is that it?

Nicole said...

It is Stranger Than Fiction. And it's totally awesome!!!! Rent it ASAP. Says me. :)