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Sunday, April 27, 2008

You know when you are a blogaholic when....

Blogging is a relatively new hobby (er, addiction) of mine. I thought I had my hobby (er, addiction) under control until a few incidents occurred this weekend making it very clear that I truly have a problem. So, Hi, My name is Nicole and I'm a blogaholic.

Friday morning I had taken the kids to the Murray library to story time. There were several thing that happened that morning that I thought would make great blog posts so I was storing them away in the back of my mind to write about later.

Later that day I was with Mike in the car driving somewhere and I thought about telling him all about the incidents at story time at the library, but then I thought that if I told him it would spoil it for him when he read about it in my blog later. Yes, that was really my train of thought. As if my blog is akin to a good movie or something....

"Hey, have you read Nicole's blog today?"
"Not yet, don't tell me what happened!"

Apparently blogging has taken the place of having real, one on one relationships and conversations.

Saturday Mike was hanging our new dining chandelier, a job that should've taken less than an hour but because the builder who built our home cut corners like crazy it turned into a multi-hour job. Somewhere about 3 hours into it I said to him, "well, look on the bright side. Now you'll have something to blog about."


Andria said...

I store up stories for my blog too. But I still tell Seth, because he doesn't read my blog (that I know of anyway!).

orangemily said...

Man, that's funny!

Jodi Lybbert said...

I'm a total blogaholic too! But I don't feel guilty about it AT ALL!!
It's glorified journaling! And aren't we supposed to be keeping a journal?!!
I just make a new post... then paste it into MSWord... and bingo! I've written in my journal today!!

Besides, I love reading about my friend's lives... and feeling like I can keep in touch with people while I'm living so far away!
Blogging is WONDERFUL!!
Keep it up!

orangemily said...

Well I may be joining you bolgaholics, I'm not sure yet. But I did start my own blog. I wanted Rich to blog about something and he said, "You do it." So I did.

HeidiPie said...

I don't have time for we can tell I don't make it to my computer much. I wish I did!

Nicole said...

to be truthful I don't have time, either. I have about a MILLION other things I should be doing! Like the bathrooms haven't been cleaned in....well I'm embarrassed to say how long. And currently Adam is screaming at me to put milk in his sippie. But with the laptop I just huck it all over the house with me and sit and write a little here and a little there.