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Friday, April 18, 2008

talk about the weather

So, a lot of the blogs I read have been talking about the weather lately, so I hate to do ANOTHER weather post....but it just really is getting old!!!! spring, winter, spring, winter. I just can't take it anymore. We were at the Gateway on Monday kids were in their swimsuits playing in the Olympic Fountain. Then rain and snow on Tuesday. Today was nice again not quite play in the swimsuit nice, but the kids played outside without sweaters. So just now I pulled up my Google homepage to check up on any new blog posts and my weather feed says it will be nice again tomorrow (74 degrees) and snow again on Sunday!!!! Come on already. When we gonna get spring for real?????


Andria said...

I know! I'm so freakin' sick of the yucky winter weather with the breaks of pure, blissful spring in between. And it made Andrew sick!

orangemily said...

Amen sistah!

Jodi Lybbert said...

It's been consistently 70-75 degrees here latetly... and I've been in shorts and tee-shirts since March!!
Ha ha!!