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Monday, August 18, 2008

Three Cheers for you, my awesome readers!

I have two recurring dreams. They usually appear when I am feeling like my life is a little out of control, or when there are things in my life out of my control.

In one dream I am driving a car, careening out of control and no matter how hard I push the break the car won't stop.

In the other dream I am in school again (sometimes high school, but usually college) and I am behind in ALL my classes, and I can't catch up because I just keep getting more and more and more homework.

Last night I had both dreams.

I guess it's because in the middle of building decks and building sheds I've also had sick kids, church responsibilities, and social obligations. Oh, and did I mention we're being audited by the IRS? Swell.

So things are not exactly, shall we say, put together at my house right now. (meaning, don't stop by for a visit, there is no place to sit.) There is unfolded laundry in baskets all over the house. Dishes in the sink. Sky-high stacks of paper that need attending to. And today I even discovered I had forgotten to pay one of the bills. I have NEVER paid a bill late. Ever. Until today.

So, what is my point? (because I do have one.) My point is this. I am humbled, touched, and even somewhat embarrassed by the response to my last post. Embarrassed because it was so not intended to be a plea for a bunch of people to say nice things about me. I really was just putting it out there so that if anybody else has ever felt that way before they would know they are not alone.

But your response has been so overwhelming and humbling that I have so wanted to send each and every one of you a personal response for all your support and kind words.

But alas, time just hasn't allowed. And I feel really REALLY bad about that. Which is probably the biggest reason I'm having dreams about running into trees and being behind in Calculus class. Because I want you all to know that your words have touched and inspired and blessed me. And I want you all to know all the wonderful things I think about you. And it's killing me that there so many other demands on my time right now.

So, in an attempt to have better dreams to night I'm settling for writing this post....thanking you all from the bottom of my heart! The love, the support, the unity, the friendship....this is why I blog!!!!

And I haven't given up my desire or hope of writing you all a personal message....eventually. When things settle down a bit. But for now, please know I love and appreciate you!

And please forgive me for not making as many comments on your blogs as usual...I'm terribly behind in my blog reading. I'll catch up, slowly but surely.

But right now I'm off to fold some clothes...

Here's to good dreams. :)

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orangemily said...

Stinking IRS, I'd die if we were audited. Good luck and sweet dreams!