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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I should've gone to Disneyland instead

Well, it finally came. I knew it would eventually show up. But it was taking so long I had actually half convinced myself that maybe I was off the hook. I knew it was a vain hope, but I hoped just the same.

Yes, my bill for the most expensive ride of my life appeared in my mailbox today. (thank goodness for a flex spending account.)

Now I know that the price of gas is high right now. I would even say it's painfully high. But you tell me, do you think it's high enough to warrant $31.65 a mile?

And I was charged $97.32 for spine immobilization. Which means the going rate for torture these days is about 50 bucks an hour.

However, I was quite pleased to see that I will only have to pay a mere 56 cents for exam gloves. They must've gotten them on clearance.


orangemily said...

Holy cow! I'm seriously scared to get my hospital bill for having Kella!

Andria said...

Did your insurance not pay for any of this?! If not, that's ridiculous!