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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What next?

First an audit from the IRS and now fraudulent charges on my American Express. Oh what fun!

The first person to say "bad things come in threes, so one more is still on the way" will be silently flogged out back.


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Oh, geez. I hope something good happens to you soon to make up for that.

Karen said...

Oh...........that just sucks! Maybe if I lobbed a third one at you that you could deal with, we could put an end to it now. Maybe I could accidently let the air out of one of your tires (on a day my brother is home) or come draw on your walls (of couse I'd leave a Mr. Clean earaser behind). What do you think? Or maybe you can count sick kids as your first one and then the A-mex charges count as your third. Sorry, I know, I'm really no help, but at least I'm entertaining, right? No?....Well I tried. :)

orangemily said...

But you have such a beautiful backyard, a great place to be flogged!
I wish you only good luck!

HeidiPie said...

Wow, talk about no fun in that area in the months to come. What bad luck!

Andria said...

Whoa. When did all of this happen?! I feel totally out of the loop. I'm going to have to make sure that I still visit your blog once a day while I'm working. Maybe I can do that when I'm supposed to be taking attendance! :D