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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Doing my homework

My church's women's group gave us all a personal questionnaire to fill out last month. I, of course put it off until the last minute. (They wanted it back by July 31st and I'm just getting around to finishing it today, August 3rd.)

Anyway, here is the survey, along with my answers. I won't neccisarily tag anybody, but if you feel so inclined please feel free to put in your own answers to the questions, post it on your own blog, and then put the link to your post in the comments here so we can all come check it out.

1.What is the most thankless job you perform?

You mean I can only pick one? I can’t think of a job I do regularly that isn’t thankless. Nobody comments on how shiny my toilet bowls are. When my kids are eating off the floor (why do kids do that?) they never pause to thank me that I mopped, so that the floor was in fact clean enough to eat off of. Can’t remember the last time somebody mentioned that they were sure grateful I paid all the bills so that the water and lights remain on. No matter what I fix for meals half of it winds up in the garbage disposal. And I’ve been wiping little bottoms for over 4 years straight and there is no end in sight!

2. List 3 characteristics you feel describe you:

Well, perhaps if I list all the things I’m not maybe I can figure out what I am. I’m not patient, crafty, or a good cook. I want to be organized, but struggle to be so. I try really hard to be clean, but the kids seem to undo everything as quickly as I do it. I’m not particularly thoughtful and I’m horrible at remembering people’s birthdays. I don’t diet or exercise. But my kids think I’m a stupendous dancer. And they laugh at the songs I make up for them. Songs with such brilliant lyrics as “Zoey, Zoey, go get a diaper” and “Pick up the toys, and stop making noise.” They also think I’m a great spider killer. I don’t squirm at all. (which is very important to them because they are all TERRIFIED of spiders.) My husband thinks I’m funny, which is the chief reason I married him. He is the ONLY one who laughs at my jokes. He also tells me I’m a good writer. He claims that when he was on his mission my letters were his very favorite. (and we weren't even dating or anything at that point.) I am a wiz at assembling Ikea furniture. Is that a characteristic?

3. List at least 1 of your accomplishments that you are proud of:

I sometimes struggle with this one, because at times I feel like all my accomplishments were in the past and that I haven’t done anything important lately. In my past I won honors, awards, scholarships, praise and recognition of all varieties. Now everything I do goes completely unnoticed. (see # 1) Does having a blog that actually has a handful of readers count? Or what about having over 19,000 views on my flickr photostream? This summer I planted flowers for the first time since we moved into our house and only about a 3rd of them died. And I finished this survey!

4.If you were to hire yourself for a job, what would be your job title? (for example: West Valley’s Taxi-Soccer-ballet-cooking Queen)

Slacker Mom and Wife Extraordinaire.


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...


Those introspective questions are the hardest, aren't they?

orangemily said...

I wouldn't even begin to know how to answer that!

anndrea said...

I took you up on your offer to answer the quiz so check me out.
Your answers are a lot more entertaining so don't expect much but thanks for getting me to think about things.