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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When you can't decide, get it all!

First off, I'm HORRIBLE at dieting! Let's just get that out in the open so that there are no misconceptions.

So, I've been on a diet for a whole 2 1/2 weeks now. This is SERIOUSLY a new record for me. But the stress of trying to be on a diet got to me today and I went for a little shopping therapy. (a whole post in and of itself!!! Better left for another day.) Anyway, when shopping therapy fell flat on it's face (where is a good clearance sale when you need it???) I gave up and told my husband I wanted fast food for dinner.

So we loaded the kids in the car and began to drive down fast food row. The first place that looked intriguing was Arby's, with a picture of an Arby Q in the window for 99 cents. Because who doesn't love roast beef smothered in BBQ sauce? So we to the window and ordered 3.

Then we headed further down fast food row and stop two was Taco Maker, because Zoey wanted a burrito. And I thought that sounded good, too. So 3 crisp bean burritos were ordered.

But Adam wanted chicken nuggets. So we headed a mere 2 driveways north and pulled into Wendy's for Crispy Chicken Nuggets for Adam. And I needed a frosty.

So there you have it, 2 1/2 weeks of dieting spoiled, gone, destroyed, ruined, annihilated. Oh well. It sure tasted good.


Ryan said...

Hmm, that explains why in the Arby's bag in the fridge I found a ArbyQ, some crisp burritos, and chicken nuggets.

Karen said...

Did it taste as amazing as you imagined? One night in two weeks won't undo the whole thing, I promise. Now if it were me it would be one week out of two. So now you know why my diet never works.

orangemily said...

If you're going to break it, go for broke I guess!
I'm no good at dieting either.
This story reminds of the time Justin wanted fast food, but couldn't decide so we went down fast food row and ordered our favorites from almost each restaurant, it was fun (especially because he paid)!

Krista said...

You are way too nice to stop at that many restaurants. Progressive dinners can be dangerous. I hate diets, too. Maybe one day I'll hate being fat more.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Dieting is hard!

HeidiPie said...

You can not ruin a diet in one evening. Totally my philosophy. =)