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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lost in the confusion

Somewhere between new patios and broken toes I completely neglected to write my post about the new and improved ME! Which is a shame, really, because the post I originally had in my head to write was full of suspense and intrigue and lots of good laughs. But, now I've gone and blown the surprise by posting pictures on flickr that showed the new and improved me before I even had a chance to mention the new and improved me.

I even took before and after shots!!!! So I'm going to post them here now anyway. Because maybe some of you don't follow my flickr photostream and so it will still be a surprise to you.

So, here are the BEFORE shots.




I have had long hair off and on throughout my life. I end up cutting it for a myriad of reasons. This time it was because it got to the point that whenever I looked in the mirror it looked like polygamist long hair not sexy long hair. And I pined for something that looked less "mommy". So my hair met up with a pair of sharp scissors and THIS was the result.




Plus, I got new glasses, too!

new glasses, cheesy smile

new glasses, stupid face

Now I can move forward, clinging to every last inch of youth left in me, pretending that my 30th birthday is not lurking just around the corner.


Andria said...

Ha ha! You're turning 30 soon! You're getting old! (And I can only say that because I'll be 32 in a couple of months.)

Cute hair and cute glasses though.

Liss said...

30 is only bad when your hubby forgets your birthday and then your brother-in-law's gf dies ON your 30th bday.....
as for the haircut--i loved having long hair mostly because i didn't really have to do it. but i had to have "teacher hair" especially since i don't exactly look "old" and the parents didn't take me seriously anyway.
so i've always wanted to be "grown up" or at least taken for one when the situation warranted! (life never does what you want it to, eh?)

orangemily said...

Your hair was long!
I like the new look.

Damselfly said...

You look cute! Swingy and sassy.

Megs said...

Cute hair. Love it. I need a hair cut... mine has gotten very shaggy. Good thing I have an appointment soon. I like the new glasses too. You are lot more daring than I. I don't think I could every pull of Red glasses.

Krista said...

Welcome to the grown ups world! I cut my hair when I turned 30 (just last year.) I figured I had the same hairstyle since I was 18 and it was time for a change. Now I experiment with color, different styles all the time. It's the one thing I can do for me! I don't spend a lot on other things so getting my hair done is my treat. You look darling and now a do to go with the attitude, right? Ha! Mine would be sassy!

HeidiPie said...

You look fantastic! Love the short hair and new red glasses!

Kristin said...

The hairstyle is so cute on you! You are a hottie!