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Friday, July 11, 2008

If you like Pina-Coladas, and getting caught in the rain

A fellow blogger reminded me that today was 7-Eleven's birthday. Which means, of course, FREE SLURPEES.

And I would like to take this moment to mention that it is my humble opinion that Pina-Colada is the only true slurpee flavor. Sure, everybody likes the blue rasberry because it turns your entire body blue when you drink it. (remember the scene in Juno?) But if you are going for pure flavor heaven it has to be Pina-Colada. But alas for some reason I can never find a Pina-Colada slurpee when I want it.

Which posed a serious problem when Pina-Colada Slurpees were the only thing I craved when pregnant. I remember many a summer day driving around with my little brother to every 7-11 in a 100 block radius on the quest for a Pina-Colada Slurpee. And remember, these were the days before the lovely built in satalite navigation system in my new Saturn Outlook. These were the days of the '97 Nissan Sentra. So we had no easy way of pulling up a map with turn-by-turn directions to every 7-11 in a 100 mile radius. No, we drove around aimlessly and did lots of u-turns in our search for the Holy Grail.

So I think I will enjoy me a free slurpee today. And as I drink I will savor not only the flavor, but also all the sweet memories of summers past that the heavenly flavor unlocks from my mind.


Andria said...

Mmm, Pina Colada slurpee. I might have to get the kids dressed and take them over there.

Karen said...

I could not agree with you more on Pina-Colada Slurpees!!! They are the best, hands down.

orangemily said...

Do they have Pina Colada at the 7-11 closest to us? I totally want to go get one.

Ryan said...

Well sometimes I think we had my GPS, and it works great to get you places once you've located them in it's databse, but sometimes trying to find the nearest 7-11 in it's POI database is harder than just finding it yourself!

Krista said...

I agree - pina colada is the only flavor worth getting! What sucks is when the 7-11 near you never has pina colada and you have to go 20 miles to the location that has theirs as a permanent fixture! Desperation is a bad thing. Probably one of the deadly sins.