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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Now breaking

Now breaking

Went to pick up pizza tonight at Papa John's. (tried the new whole wheat crust, and it's actually pretty good. Okay, Mike thinks it's a little dry and says he'll order it with extra sauce next time. But I thought it was great.)

Anyway, as we pulled up to pick up the pizza there were literally 6 Papa John's employees just standing out front. I started laughing at the "Now Baking" sign in the window and told Mike that it should say "Now Breaking" because how could they possibly be baking when every employee on shift was standing out front?

So, of course I had to sneak a picture with my phone.


orangemily said...

Now breaking, I like it!

Ryan said...

Have you ordered online from Dominos recently? They have UPS-style tracking so you can see every step your pizza goes through. It even tells you who is making your pizza. It's great for the info-junkie in all of us!

Michael said...

The whole wheat crust is still really good. Just would checked the box that said extra sauce.