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Friday, July 11, 2008

your flickr blogging lesson for the day

I read a lot of photography blogs, which often have step by step photoshop tutorials. Or how to get that great picture tutorials. So, in the spirit of being a blogger that gives back to her readers I've decided to post my first tutorial.

It's an overly simple tutorial, I'll be the first to admit. But I've actually had a few of my faithful readers ask me how I get my pictures into my blog. And for all of us first time bloggers it's a valid question.

I'm a HUGE fan of flickr and I use it for ALL my blogging picture needs. So, let the tutorial begin.

Okay, two easy ways to add photos from flickr to your blog.

If you only need 1 picture on your post (and want it at the top) do the following:

Upload your picture to flickr.
Go to that picture's page on flickr. Across the top find the "blog this" button (4th from the left) and hit it.
Follow the directions to link flickr to your blog (if you haven't already)
After that it's super easy! It will let you even write your entry and post it straight to your blog all from inside flickr. I love it! I just can't seem to figure out how to make it post pictures interspersed within the text this way. So if you want to do that.....see below.

If you want to post multiple pictures or a picture in the middle of your post

Upload your picture to flickr.
go to that photo's flickr page.
across the top of the picture pick the "all sizes" option (5th from the left)
choose the size you want to post on your blog. (I usually do medium or small) and click on that size at top.
Go to box 1 underneath the photo that says "copy and paste this HTML into your webpage"
select it and copy it
open another browser window and go to your blog post (either a new post you are working on or an old post you are editing)
Put cursor in position within your text where you want picture to appear on blog.

your picture is now embedded in your blog. seriously. it's that easy!!! you don't even need to know html. flickr did all the hard work for you! yea!!!!

Maybe some of you know better or easier ways.....but this is what has worked out well for me. So, hopefully it will help some of you, too.

Happy flickring and blogging to ya'll.


Andria said...

Ahh, I see. I've used flickr to upload pictures if I just wanted one a post, because I couldn't figure out how to put in more than one. But now I know so I'll (probably) use flickr in my posts more often!

Principessa said...

Thanks sister sister! I have now posted the post I was having issues posting, because now I know how to post it. :)

Ryan said...

Also if you look around flickr, there's a way to setup a special email address, that if you send an image to it, the image shows up on your flickr.

Once you have that setup, you can further setup an email address that will allow you to send a photo that not only uploads to flickr, but posts straight to your blog. So you just send an email with the picture and your blog entry, and a few minutes later the photo shows up in flickr, and on your blog.

This is also really only good for 1 picture at a time though.