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Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Dream is a wish your heart makes

Well, the official word finally came. The trip to England is definitely off. The Summit will now be held in California. Which means not only do I not get to go to England but I will also now be spending a week without Mike. I hate when Mike travels. (I am SO glad I am not a single mom!)

And wouldn't you know, on the same day that the decision was made my passport showed up in mail.

So, for now I will be returning all those London guidebooks to the library. And taking the Reading, England weather widget off my homepage. And tucking my passport away somewhere safe, ready and waiting for the next opportunity to use it.

Saying I'm sad that it didn't work out would be an understatement.

But this has taught me one thing: I really want to start making travel a higher priority. We haven't traveled much because we are always neck-deep in some new home project that is eating up all our time and money. But we've just about come to the end of home projects. Don't get me wrong, there will always be something to do. But the projects from here on out should be a lot smaller. (you really only need to finish the basement once) So with the house in good working order we can turn our attention to travel. And I'm SO looking forward to that!


Anonymous said...

2 things: 1) i'd rather spend my money on experiences than things but it sure is nice to have a finished/usable house.
2) i've heard (here's my practicality) that having a passport is just about a necessity today if you have any family members that travel. you never know if you'll need to go to wherever they are in a medical or other emergency.
so, you are prepared!!!

Ryan said...

While Mike is gone just get a bunch of British movies, put some British flags up, eat some British food, and make it British week on Jocelyn.

orangemily said...

I'm with you, travel needs to be a higher priority. I love to travel!
My passport just expired and I need to go get my picture taken so I can renew it.
Too bad about England, but rest assured when you do make those travel plans if they don't include the kids I'll come stay at your house for a week and watch them if need be.

Andria said...

I thought by the title of your post that you were going to Disneyland. :( Oh, well. England will still be there when you decide to go. :D

Amber said...

Thanks for stopping by! Would reruns of the Office help with your England withdrawals? :-) We are on the other end of the spectrum: traveling non-stop and are taking a nice, long break!

Principessa said...

I'm sorry sis! That's a bummer, I know you were really looking forward to that trip. We'll definitely have to do something special to make up for it.

Karen said...

Sorry about your trip. :(