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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer of Cement

Apparently we started a new trend in the neighborhood. We were the first on the block to be visted by a cement truck.

About the same time a neighbor around the corner poured a new patio and pad for a shed, requiring another cement truck to come rumbling down our quiet street.

Then about a month later the house down the street wanted one of their own.

And this morning the neighbor just across the street had one just show up at their house to re-pour their RV parking strip.

And as long as it's the neighbors paying for it, I say bring it on! It's cheap entertainment for my kids. Right now they refuse to come down and eat breakfast because they are still watching the show.

Got to love the summer of cement!


Jen said...

that is funny. what a trend to start. I love the way your new yard looks. Nice!

Karen said...

Ahhhh, the best entertainment!

ty said...

I remember those days, watching the cement trucks, bucket diggers, cranes, firetrucks, etc. Good thing I can remember last week. I'm still mesmerized, by the big rigs. Did I tell you I got to run a road roller! At one of the county shops where we maintain computer systems, the manager invited us to try out their new roller that cost over $400,000. It was fun, and really rumbly! After an hour or so we ran out of things to run over and make flat. Too bad we didn't have more coins, I mean pop cans...

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

The summer of cement, ha ha! For us, it was the summer of pressure-cleaning roofs!

Karen said...

Hey, award for you at my place. :)