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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The grass is greener, but at what cost?

The house next door to me is for sale. In preparation for this they pulled out the weeds and laid all new sod in the yard a few months ago. At the time it was really really hot and they were trying to get new grass to grow so they watered it a lot.

Now the weather is cooling, and the grass is well established. But in the past few weeks I've begun to notice really how much they are watering the lawn. The sprinklers come on EVERY morning AND EVERY night for several hours. Now I am by no means what you would call a tree hugger. (much to the dismay of my younger brother who just spent 2 years in Seattle where everybody is a tree hugger) But even I think that so much watering is this desert state often plagued by drought is a bit excessive. Not to mention expensive!

So I keep thinking I should call the real estate agent. The house is vacant and part of me believes that it's an accident that the sprinklers are coming on so often. But then I try to play out in my head the conversation I'd have with the agent and I really don't know what I would say. Because what if they really do want to water it that much and they just think I'm a nosey neighbor who should keep my tree hugging opinions to myself. And I always talk myself out of calling.

But sitting here tonight, listening to the sprinklers running yet again, I'm trying to convince myself to get up the nerve to call the agent in the morning. What do you think?


orangemily said...

If they are a good agent they'll want to let their clients know so they can save money. I would just approach it from a financial standpoint, not a waste issue.

Liss said...

financial standpoint is a good idea.... that and maybe we should trade neighbors. ours NEVER water, mowed ONCE all summer and their yard is the pits.
i'm still getting up the courage to call bountiful city on them....

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

My region is under water restrictions that allow watering only twice a week during certain times a day. Watering every single day (!) is unnecessary and wasteful!