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Sunday, September 14, 2008

When I knew he was Mr. Right

My little sister is dating somebody right now. And it's getting kind of serious. Which means in the upcoming days and weeks and months she's probably going to start asking questions like "Is he the one?" "Is this Mr. Right?" "Can I spend the rest of my life with this guy?"

So maybe you could think of this as my sisterly advice post. And my advice is this: knowing when you know is different for everybody, so nobody can really tell you when you'll know, you'll just know. How's that for crystal clear.

But if it helps any I'll tell you how I knew. My story isn't near as romantic as Karen's, who was puking her guts out on the bathroom floor when she realized she had found "the one". But almost.

See, I have my dad's genetics when it comes to hair. And I'm not just talking about the color. I mean he has a LOT of hair. (sorry dad, it's true.) My cousin's used to call him Uncy Bear. He'll try to tell you that it's because his name is Blair, and they couldn't say it correctly. But the truth is, it was because he's downright hairy. And so am I. I shave my legs in the morning and have a 5 o'clock shadow by noon.

So, it probably won't surprise you that on occasion (okay, ALL THE TIME) I get these stray red hairs growing on my neck. It's something I usually quite mortified by and I do my best to keep them plucked. But neck hair is tricky. Sometimes it grows just out of sight. You know it's there, you can feel it there, but you can't turn your eyes far enough in your head to see it well enough to pluck it.

Can you guess where this is going yet?

Well, I had one of those pesky neck hairs once and I did something that surprised even me. For some reason I still don't understand I was desperate enough to get that hair that when Mike showed up at my door while I was still primping for our date, I handed him the tweezers and asked him to pluck it for me! And, shockingly, I wasn't utterly and completely embarrassed. I was okay with letting him know that I had unsightly neck hair. I was comfortable with him knowing this embarrassing fact about me. And, to add to the shock and awe, he didn't act as if he was utterly and completely repulsed. He simply took the tweezers, plucked the hair, and then kissed me.

I wasn't embarrassed. He wasn't repulsed. It had to be true love!

Would you call that love at first pluck?


Megs said...

True, true. Completely different for differnt people. I knew that Isaac was the one after talking to a certain person in the family, and then to my parents... a complicated story, I think only my parents and maybe some of my siblings know about it. Anyway, it just felt right. Does that make sense?

Jen said...

I think that thats when you know you love some one when you can tolerate their and your 'gross' habits.

Andria said...

I don't think I knew that the husband was the one for sure until after I married him. It didn't help, of course, that as I was getting changed out of my wedding dress that Nicole was telling me that I could still get an annulment. But now I wouldn't trade him for Pierce Brosnan, even though he's been gone for about a million months now.

Nicole said...

@Andria-I just wanted you to know all your options. And I wanted you to travel the world with me. :)

I wouldn't trade mine for Pierce Brosnan, either. Hugh Grant, maybe. But definitely not Pierce Brosnon.

Krista said...

Wow! That just gives "running his fingers through your hair" a whole new meaning! You were really brave to ask him to do that for you. Wow!

floridagirlinsydney said...

Obviously it was meant to be.

Principessa said...

Thanks for the sisterly advice! I'll definitely keep that in mind. :)

orangemily said...

Now that's romance, lol!
It's so true though.

orangemily said...

Now that's romance, lol!
It's so true though.

Garmon said...

He definitely must be the one. I'm afraid that would have sent me screaming, TMI! TMI!

Karen said...

How did I miss this post? I love this story. I don't think I have ever heard it. Yep, true love.

Damselfly said...

Love at first pluck! Hee hee.

I bet you were just trying to make an impression that would set you apart from the competition. He was like, "Hmm, no one ever came onto me by asking me to pluck her neck before!"