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Saturday, September 27, 2008

From fabulous to flat in 1 week

If you'll recall I wrote last week about my new fabulous bread recipe. I made it again on Monday this week with the same fabulous results.

Yesterday I made it again, and it was a complete disaster! It tasted like sand. I figured I must've accidentally left out an ingredient. So I threw that loaf away, washed out my bread pan and started another loaf. With similarly disastrous results.

What went wrong? I'm using the same recipe! I'm so confused!!!! Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I'm back to square one again. Sigh.

Anybody actually tried my recipe? Is it working for you? It is user error I have going on here? Or is my recipe somehow flawed...even though I used it twice with perfect results? sigh. Now what?


Dana said...

I have no idea...bread is weird like that. So I decided to try your recipie out but I dont' have dough conditioner. I want to make it but what the heck is lecthin?

Ryan said...

Could it be the bread-maker? I mean have you tried an old-standby recipe in it to be sure that it's really the recipe? We have several unknowns undetermined matrix you might say. (Can you tell I just took a liner algebra test?)

Jen said...

Could it be the yeast? Maybe you got some dead yeast.

Karen said...

Could be water temprature, too. Or could be a window open that wasn't before. I swear, bread can be more fickle than most teenage girls.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I dunno, bad yeast?

One time my fluffy dinner rolls came out like hockey pucks. I think I killed the yeast with a too-hot temp before it had a chance to make the bread rise.

Andria said...

I think it is a curse! Did you tick off an old woman recently who is actually a fairy queen in disguise? Seriously, that's all I've got for ya.