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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Writing at it's best, you won't find it here

Lately I seem to be doing all my best writing on OTHER people's blogs!

Many of the blogs I read have just been extra thought provoking and I start leaving a comment and suddenly all this good stuff comes flowing out of my keyboard onto somebody else's blog! So then by the time I get back to my own blog I'm all written out.

I have half a dozen posts written that I just can't seem to get around to finishing.

Maybe someday. Soon. Or maybe later. Tough to say.

If you are really starved for my writing I supposed I could link you to all my fabulous comments on other people's blogs. What do you think? Just how narcissist is it to send you to another writer but then request you just skip down to my comment?

Okay, I wouldn't really do that. Probably not.


Karen said...

You are a funny woman! I have already been reading your comments on other people's blogs. As a matter of fact, I was at "Buried With Children" the other day reading through the comments left and stopped and went, "It says, Nicole, it sounds like Nicole, huh?" So then of course, I clicked on your name and guess what, it was a duck! Ha. Great minds like the same blogs! :)

Krista said...

Sometimes our inspitation comes from other people - in my case - all the time!

Garmon said...

There's that (our) word again!!! Narcissist!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I totally get this! Sometimes I find myself telling great stories in someone else's comment section, and I wonder if I should save it for my own blog. Usually I don't.

Jen said...

I know what you mean. Some of my comment (and posts) are awesome (in my book) and some days, I really really struggle.