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Friday, December 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

I was feeling festive today and wanted to do a Christmas memory for today's installment of Flashback Friday. But I also wanted to let me dear husband off the hook, since he groans when Friday rolls around, wondering how I'm going to embarrass him this time.

So today I'm sharing pictures from Christmas 2000. This Christmas is significant because I spent it in Oroville, Washington as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I LOVE Christmas on the mission! What better way to spend the holiday season than serving Him whose birth we celebrate!

I think getting new pajamas for Christmas is pretty traditional for most people. My mom kept that tradition alive by sending my companion, Kristin Lewis, and me matching pajamas.


Of course, this was my days of 35mm, and no view screen so I have lots of pictures of me with my eyes closed. Such is life!

Here is our Advent Calendar, all the doors open showing that it's finally Christmas Eve!


Here is me with all my loot. The church members in the area REALLY spoiled us!!!


All our Christmas cards. Wow, I felt loved!!!


Here is the aftermath Christmas morning. Lewis it talking on the phone to her family, basking in the warmth of Christmas (and Hot Chocolate)


Pretty furniture, eh?

These are the aprons and stockings made for us by Ethleen Timm. Our names our embroidered on the aprons, too.


I still wear the apron. And the stocking still hangs alongside the kid's stocking on our banister each Christmas.

And this is ALL THE FOOD we got.


I'm not sure if you can tell, but I've stuffed couch pillows in the front and the back of my pajamas to show what I was going to look like when I finished eating all that food.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!! May the true spirit of the season visit you each during this special time of the year.


orangemily said...

Wow! What a fun christmas in the mission field! You guys got quite the loot!

Krista said...

I love your Flashback Friday. Maybe I'll try it! Definitely gives something to blog about. You guys were spoiled!

Jen said...

what a great memory.

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Fun Christmas! It's hard to believe 2000 was 8 years ago.

I am notorious for closing my eyes in photos, even since digital cameras have been invented. I always look stoned when the camera comes out. Something must have happened to me in my childhood that's made my eyes fearful of cameras.

Bonnie said...

2000 seems like yesterday to me. But look at all you have experienced since then!

Andria said...

How fun! Now I want to find the pictures from my mission Christmas.

KASH said...

I love all the pictures of you with your eyes closed :)

ty said...

I remember those chocolate a day calendars. The chocolate was da best, man. Anyway got one for the kiddies this year and tried one. As kids we must just snarf anything with sugar. I'll have to remember that as I get good chocolate, to get some cheap stuff for the kids.

Annj said...

I have to agree Christmas on the mission is some of my favorites. I luckily had two Christmases in Hawaii and I was just telling Tyler how weird it was to spend it without snow.I remember loving not getting caught up in the commercialism and just being content with a phone call to the fam. Oh the simple times.