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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing the first: I just looked out my back window and was surprised to see red Christmas balls hanging from the tree. Until I realized that they were really apples that we never got around to picking.

Thing the second: I have never been able to figure out why "My Favorite Things" is a Christmas song. What do raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens have to do with yuletide? I'm also always confused by 3 ships sailing into Bethlehem on Christmas day in the morning.

To sum up: Not all that glitters is gold, and sometimes red is really just a rotten apple. And as much as we all love Julie Andrews we think the Von Trapp children are even more annoying than the Osmonds.


orangemily said...

I am completely confunded by the same thing. Why in the world is "My Favorite Things" played as a Christmas song!!!

UTSquishy said...

According to Wikipedia:

"The wintertime imagery of some of the lyrics has made "My Favorite Things" a popular song during the Christmas season, and it often appears on holiday-themed albums and compilations, although in the show and movie it is sung during a summer thunderstorm."

I don't buy it as a Christmas song—even when they lay a track of Jingle-bells on top.

Jen said...

Oh I totally agree.

An Ordinary Mom said...

A Christmas song it is not. I so agree!

Annj said...

I am so with you Tyler has to sit through my rant about "My Favortie Things" being a Christmas song in fact that is one of my pet peeves at Christmas. I can stand in line and weave through crowds of people as long and be fine as they don't play that song.

Andria said...

As long as I don't have to listen to "Christmas Shoes" or "Where are you Christmas?" I don't care what someone's favorite things are.

And I disagree. I still think the Osmonds are more irritating than the Von Trapp children.

DKA said...

Also, what's with "Over the Rainbow" as a Christmas song. I agree that the worst ones are "Christmas Shoes" and "Where are you Christmas" but I must add one that ruins Pacabell's Cannon in D.

Nicole said...

Ak, ak!!! Christmas Shoes. Definitely one of the all time worst Christmas song ever! I've shunned it for so many years I had almost successfully blocked it from my memory entirely.

@Andria-can we say the Osmonds and the Von Trapp children tie for most annoying? It is a pretty close race at any rate.