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Monday, December 29, 2008

Name That Movie Monday

Combine the holidays with my new calling in Primary and I'll admit that I'm having trouble keeping up with my blog. There just seems to be so much to get done! But, the holiday decorations are coming down in a day or two. And once we get the new year started in Primary my husband assures me we'll settle into a good routine and things will get easier.

In the meantime Movie Monday and Flashback Friday may be all you get for a week or two. Wait, that's all that I've been doing for a week or two, or three, anyway....

Today's movie I only saw for the first time on Christmas day. Well, we actually had to watch it in parts since the power went off in the middle of the movie and didn't come back on for about 7 hours. (Have you ever tried cooking Christmas dinner with no power? At least all the new toys were battery powered so they kept working!) It may be a movie that many of you haven't seen. But if you give it some serious thought I think that from the quote you should be able to guess it, even if you've never seen it. So give it a try!

I gotta get this spec up to the top of Mount Nool ASAP. Whatever that means. Probably Act Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm.

Give it a guess!

Here is your code to reward your guessing efforts: 545DZ9

Happy Monday!


UTSquishy said...

I have not Seen Horton hears a Who.
But that's My guess.

KASH said...

Funny quote, but I have no guesses for you right now. :)

Andria said...

I'm going with Richard's guess. Thanks for the code! The movie I wanted was gone though...if TSH had just looked on the next page on, I could have got it. Instead, he just gave me wrong information. :(

orangemily said...

I have seen Horton Hears a Who and that is my guess.

Annj said...

Never seen it, but Ty just got it from Netflicks so I will watch for that quote. Good luck with Primary this Sunday.

Principessa said...

I know its Horton Hears a Who, because you told me you were watching it when the power went out. That, and Seussical is like my favorite musical ever and I'm familiar with the jungle of Nool. :)