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Monday, December 8, 2008

Name that Movie Monday

It's a good thing I don't blog for a living. I'd never meet all my deadlines. I realized late Saturday night that I never wrote a Flashback Friday post last week. The day just sort of got away from me. We had a primary activity that was on my mind and that I was preparing for. Then afterward Adam insisted we put up the Christmas decorations. Blogging was the last thing on my mind. Thus you will have to wait until Friday for another trip down memory lane.

But today is Monday. And I have been diligent about my movie quotes. So let's get right to it, shall we?

For those of you at home who are looking for a modified version of a jumping jack, look elsewhere. I'm not gonna give that to you because I know you can handle it. I've got 400 lb people who can do jumping jacks, so can you.

Tricky, eh?

In other movie news, we did watch all 3 Pirate of the Caribbean movies last week. And I still don't like the ending of the 3rd one. Just for the record. But I do think that my favorite part of all 3 is the 3-way sword fight between Jack, Will, and Norrington in movie 2. Brilliant scene! I knew you would want to know.

AND, it's my dear Husband's birthday. He's 30 today. So if anybody has a fantasic movie to recommend I'm all ears.

Oh, and here is your code: 23MJT7

Now I have to change the laundry and wrap gifts.


Andria said...

Seriously, no idea. But I'll be back next week to see if I can get it right.

orangemily said...

No clue.
Happy Birthday Mike!

KASH said...

No idea. My luck ran out.

I agree on the Pirates 3 ending. It bugged me for weeks after I saw the movie. grr...

Damselfly said...

I thought the third pirate movie was really creepy. I didn't like it as well, either.

Happy birthday to your husband!!!

Andria said...

You are so super-tricky! I even googled it (which I never do) and I couldn't find it. I thought maybe it was from Dodgeball because that's the only movie I could think of where there was an exercise guru of some sort.