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Monday, December 22, 2008

Name that Movie Monday

I know everybody has holiday traditions to get back to, so I'll make this short and sweet today. For your holiday movie guessing pleasure guess this movie quote:

Son: How do reindeer fly? They don't have any wings.

Dad: Fairy dust

Son: That's from Peter Pan dad.

Dad: Horns?

Son: Antlers!

Dad: Whatever. Their antlers give them, er there's a slip stream effect....the air going....if they move back...they're weightless!

Son: But if Santa is so fat how does he get down the chimneys?

Dad: He sucks it in like grandpa.

Son: What about people who don't have fireplaces, how does he get into their houses?

Dad: Sometimes believing in something means, means you just believe in it. Santa uses reindeer to fly because that's how he has to get around.

Son: But you believe in Santa, right dad?

Dad: Of course I believe in Santa, now please go to sleep.

Son: Dad, maybe you better leave some cookies and milk out. Just in case, okay.

Dad: Great, I'll just go preheat the oven.

Son: And don't forget the fire extinguisher.

Okay, so that wasn't short, but it is sweet.

And, my gift to you, a free movie code: EC22KP



In honor of last week's movie quote, do you want to see how Ralphie grew up?


UTSquishy said...

Just watched that.
The First of 3 movies. (Hint)
And I hadn't watched it in years. I had watched the sequels recently enough however that watching the first reminded me of the fact: that often, the first movie doesn't garner the same extravagant Budget that it's sequels are afforded.

orangemily said...

Santa Clause
We did just watch this plus the 2 sequals. I love it!

KASH said...

The Santa Clause! This is one of my favorite Christmas movies :)

Karen said...

Wow....Ralphie grew up to be quite attractive. Amazing things happen when you take a guy out of a pink bunny suit I guess. :)

Annj said...

Knew it! yay! And wow Ralphie is handsome.