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Friday, January 2, 2009

Flashback Friday

I am terribly bummed out today! I had the PERFECT idea today for the first Flashback Friday of the new year. It was going to funny and thoughtful and just plain amazing. But I'm so terribly unorganized when it comes to my pictures, journals, home movies and such that I can't find the things I need to do it. And I've already wasted half the morning looking and have way too much to do today to spend any more time looking. So, the really super perfect post will have to wait for another day.

So instead you get something completely random. While looking for the pictures I REALLY wanted I came across these and decided they would have to do.

In the past I was IN LOVE with Harrison Ford. I mean seriously in love. This is the wall shrine to him on my closet when I was in college.


Isn't he dreamy?

Knowing about my huge, not so secret crush on Harrison Ford it shouldn't surprise you in the least that when I visited Hollywood that it was a top priority to find Harrison's Star on the walk of fame.



And his hand prints in the cement in front of Mann's Chinese Theater.



Although Harrison Ford will always hold a special place in my heart, I must admit that he has gotten a bit too old and I've moved on to other Hollywood Heart throbs. Hugh Grant would rank right up there at the top of my list. We also watched a movie last night with Hugh Jackman in it and he was quite tasty as well. And Robert Downey Jr. in Ironman is delicious eye candy, to say the least.


Andria said...

What movie did you see with Hugh Jackman? If you haven't seen Australia yet, you need to! He is so hot in that movie!

And are you kissing the sidewalk?! I mean, I know it's Harrison Ford's star, but...ewww.

Jen said...

its good to have a crush and you have a good one.

Krista said...

Paul Newman and Matthew McConaughy do it for me! Paul was a hottie in his day! Matthew...too bad for him I'm married! He had his chance!

orangemily said...

I have to agree with you on your 3 new hearthrobs!

orangemily said...

And don't forget Ewan Mcgregor, love the accent!

HeidiPie said...

I really remember those Harrison days of yours. I'm glad you are now realizing he is old. =)

Annj said...

In high school I thought John Travolta was cute. Now I think what the heck was I thinking- yuck. Now I really only watch Disney Channel so there really isn't anyone there.

Pegsy said...

Hugh Jackman is super hot. You know who I REALLY love? Mark Wahlberg. MMMmmmmm....

Karen said...

I'm with Krista. Matthew McConaughy is my version of ridiculously yummy!! Though I must say Harrison Ford is on my list.