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Monday, January 19, 2009

Name that Movie Monday

Today is my daughter's birthday. In celebration we are going to the Auto Show. Which means I thought about being really tricky and for today's quote doing something from Top Gear. But decided to go with something a little easier. Are you ready?


Think you know it?

And for all you stellar winners (because I know you're all going to know it!) here is your movie code: K6W3G4


KASH said...

easy peasy, I'll say it because it's just so easy. "Cars" Love it!

Now I'll be really embarrassed if I'm wrong... :)

Megs said...

I know, I know!!!! But Katie already spoiled it for everyone. :) Happy Birthday Zoey!

Karen said...

Bless you!

orangemily said...

Happy Birthday Zoey!

HeidiPie said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! And I LOVE YOU for giving us an easy one!

Krista said...

Can you believe I didn't know that one either? I suck at this!

Andria said...

Ha ha ha! It's Cars! I got one! Hip hip hooray!

Oh, and happy birthday, Zoey. Have fun at the car show.

Damselfly said...

OK, my best guess is the animated film Cars.

Happy birthday to your girl!

Annj said...

Car show huh? Was that Zoey's idea or dad's? Happy Birthday, hope you all had fun.