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Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback Friday

This week was my 6th wedding anniversary. So I thought that today I'd share a few wedding photos.

Exiting the Temple, officially man and wife.

Wedding Day

This one has always been one of my favorites. It was setting on my desk at work, once upon a time when I still had a paying job. Mike claims he was checking to make sure my bow was still tied but the look on his face would indicate he's checking out my behind. Guess he thought that now that we were married he was allowed to look.

Wedding Day

Pinning on my dad's corsage.

Wedding Day

Cutting the cake, which my mom made. Didn't she do a lovely job?

Wedding Day

A stolen kiss-tasted like wedding cake.

Wedding Day

My mom also made these M&M cakes (because we both had last names starting with M) and my little cousins couldn't wait to have a piece of them!

Wedding Day

My dad and his (only) sister-just for fun.

Wedding Day

Me and my sister.

Wedding Day

And this little gem of when we were done opening gifts.

Wedding Day

So there you have it. What a lot can change in 6 years!!!!

Wedding Day


Andria said...

Ah, I remember that day well. I also remember thinking, "Where the heck are they?! They said they weren't going to take any pictures," as we sat at the church waiting for you to show up.

But I didn't remember that you got married only 6 months after Seth and I did. I thought it was longer than that. Boy, I'm getting old and forgetful.

And today's word is "devionn."

HeidiPie said...

Yes, very long! Congratulations again!

Megs said...

Happy Anniversary! I was so sad that we missed your wedding. Glad to finally see some pictures!

Annj said...

Cute couple. I have to admit at first the m&m cake had me a bit confused, I kept thinking I thought her name was Nicole, but now I am with you. I wonder why Ty and I didn't make it to your reception, oh well. Happy Anniversary.

Andria said...

It just occurred to me that I didn't congratulate you on your 6 happy years together. So, congratulations!

orangemily said...

Happy Anniversary (on the 18th)!
Fun pictures!

Damselfly said...

Hey, happy anniversary! You have lovely red hair and such a contagious smile. Hope you and your husband have many wonderful years ahead.

Krista said...

Gorgeous pictures! Next thing you know you've been married ten, fifteen and then twenty years. Pretty freaky that you never feel older. I remember when you guys were newly engaged!

KASH said...

Cute pictures! Congrats on your 6 years!! I think it was your reception that had seashells and nets on the walls. Do I remember right? Very cute.

Amber said...

Those pictures are great--the last one if my favorite. And in less than a month, my hubby and I will be celebrating our sixth year anniversary as well!

Liss said...

yay for you and congrats!

Jen said...

I loved this!

Emilee said...

i LOVE the butt check! so funny!